I can remember it like yesterday. I found the old Pentax film camera, forgotten and covered in dust at the back of a cupboard. I was about 13 years old at the time.

I just absolutely loved running around with the camera, taking random photos of arbitrary things with no understanding of composition, shutter-speed or aperture. To say the least – the photos where horrible. But I thought they were fantastic – and I nagged my mother to buy me roll after roll of film.

When I finished school the thought of becoming a photographer never crossed my mind. I decided to study Graphic Design at AAA School of Advertising in Cape Town. During my third year of studying – I decided to specialize and become an Art Director. It was my responsibility to create the visual aspect of the advertising and this inevitably meant that I needed to take photos for the projects. This was the first time that I needed to photograph anything with the specific purpose of creating an image, instead of just taking snap shots. I loved the process and the creativity of it all.

Thinking back to my college days – I would have to say that that is when I truly fell in love with photography.

Since those early days – some things have changed and others have stayed the same. I’m now more obsessed and passionate about photography than ever before. I still enjoy taking my camera and going off on an adventure to find the perfect image – I hope that my composition and technical knowledge has improved though since I first found that old Pentax!

In 2007 – with business partner Yve Oosthuizen – I founded Contrast, a through-the-line agency that specializes in packaging design and photography. Since Contrast’s inception we’ve had the privilege of working on many wonderful brands and seeing the company grow from strength to strength.

I hope you enjoy this website dedicated to my commercial photography work.

- Stephen Geldenhuys

Photographer, Director at Contrast