Cage fighters and photographers

I’ve been doing Muay Thai (kick-boxing) for the last 2 years or so.

It’s a pretty awesome sport with some badass athletes. Most of the time – I’m just busy getting beaten up by guys who are fitter and stronger than me. (Come to think of it – I should most probably be asking a hourly rate as a stand in punching bag)

I had the idea a few months ago to do a photo series with the owner and trainer at TakeDown MMA and one of his best fighters.

Gary (The owner) agreed – and he brought Dale (The fighter) along to the photoshoot.

They had a good time. I was scared they would break my gear. In the end – we managed to get some cool images.

I shot these on a 5D Mark II with a 24- 70 mm lens.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

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